Welcome to the SupaLifeKiosk!
After two years of building up our store in Berlin and expanding our network of great artists and their stunning work, we thought its time to share it with you street-art fans, silkscreen-lovers and handmade-believers. So here it is! Take a good look and feel free to give us feedback, but please note that this is only the beginning, we will fill the SLK steadily with new and fresh stuff and hope that it will be ‘stuffed’ completely by February. Then the next big heap is coming: The SupaLifeGallery. A gallery open for people, ideas, projects, graphics, books, clothing and all the things that people love to look at, to read, to share and to enjoy.
Stencils by Evol//CTink
Check out these high quality-stencils from Evol – you wont find anything like it. With his mate Pisa73 they create pieces that you can nothing but admire and adore.
Books from Die Gestalten Verlag
Die Gestalten Verlag is one of the most important publishers in Germany when it comes to Design. Books like LosLogos, Pictoplasma, Illusive, WK interakt, sonic and many more – we owe it to them!
Wall and Piece from Banksy
There is such a hype going on lately about this mysterious, anonymous Banksy and his spectacles – after reading this book you will understand why. This guy makes himself heard..uhm..seen!
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